At Etiq, our core principle is to create better products. Creating the extraordinary while being exceptionally conscious of its moral and environmental impact, is what we strive to achieve.

Our conscious fashion journey follows a 2-fold approach:

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  • We’ve built an eco-system based on inclusivity and deep human compassion. The craft required to create our products is respected with the highest standard of working conditions and fair compensation.
  • Our cutting-edge jewelry is handcrafted exclusively by artisans in Italy, where fair wages and quality working conditions are a priority.


  • The journey towards true sustainability is a long one, and we are being mindful at every step that we can. Our production network is comprised of thoroughly vetted Italian factories that work towards minimizing carbon footprint. We observe all government regulations through sustainable practices.
  • The way forward for us has been by using recycled metals and materials throughout our collections, photoshoots, and packaging. This effort is further cemented by employing a culture of authenticity and systems of transparency, reflected through both; our designs and our processes.