The House

ETIQ is built on identity and expression.

We envision and design products that inspire complete self-acceptance. Fashion is our medium to tell diverse stories and share unique perspectives.

ETIQ’s creative director Kartik Shah combines influences from his Indian-American heritage and New York roots to define the brand’s spirit. 

Driven by a commitment to detail, our designs are handmade in Italian workshops: a crossroads between genenational craftsmanship and innovative fabrication techniques. Our purpose and dedication to quality result in unisex collections that combine fashion, innovation and human emotion. 

ETIQ serves as both a reflection of Kartik's multicultural identity and a medium to influence the future of modern fashion.

Welcome to our Universe.



Creating wearable art inspired by the power of individuality. Etiq was created to re-write the rules for modern luxury.


We design to create an inclusive version of luxury - where unique identities and narratives are at the forefront.


Our designs explore concepts of perception, identity, assumptions, and categories. We harness individuality as a strength to create iconic pieces that are instantly recognizable.

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Deconstruct Collection

The sculptural representation of thinking outside the box. Deconstruct offers unique angles and facets that showcase the house’s signature motif.